C#/.NET Developer

RWE Supply&Trading is looking for a candidate for the position:

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RWE Supply & Trading

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C#/.NET Developer

RWE Supply&Trading is looking for a candidate for the position:

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Place of Work:
  • Prague
Start Day:
  • upon agreement
Your tasks:
  • write and maintain technical designs to support the CAO Platform Application landscape
  • application development in C# .NET
  • define business processes and information flows
  • move legacy code (VBA, PLSQL etc) from databases and clients into well encapsulated services that are implemented in C# .NET
  • learn Angular6 and support further development of our web portal
  • collaborate well with the other developers in the team to decide on the architecture and tools to be used when implementing a solution
  • continually look for new technologies and methodologies that can be used to improve our application landscape or processes
  • proactively communicate with our business users
  • perform code reviews, write unit tests etc.
  • support new and existing applications
Essential Skills:
  • at least 3 years of development experience using C# .NET (V4.5 or above)
  • passionate about writing clean, understandable and modular code
  • good understanding of relational database best practices (indexing, query-construction etc.)
  • some experience with web development and building clients that connect through RESTful services
  • ability to work with the customer to turn vague requirements into a solid development plan
  • fluent Czech (written and oral), advanced English We’re not looking for people who know everything but we love working with people that are enthusiastic to learn!
Some of the technology you could learn from us…
  • messaging architectures (such as Kafka)
  • non-relational Databases (MongoDB)
  • microservices deployed in the Cloud (AWS)
  • web skills – particularly in the latest JavaScript and TypeScript space (like Angular4 and React)
  • UX design
Other benefits:
  • enter into commodity trading
  • you don’t need experience of backing or trading – we’ll teach you that
  • constantly challenge yourself in trying new tools and frameworks to keep RWEST ahead of the competition
  • help to decide the direction of our perpetually changing technical landscape
  • flexible working hours
  • don’t “just” be a hacker
  • we don’t have project managers or business analysts in the team
  • you’ll work directly with the customers to turn their requirements into production tools
  • if you’re passionate about development, love to learn new things, enjoy experimentation and take pride in your work – we want to hear from you!
  • to find out what you’ll be working on and the plans we have for our team in Prague, get in touch

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